Here are the banks that are accepting donations for
The Internet Campaign to Help North Korean Flood Victims

In Japan:

Account Name: North Korea Flood Relief
Account Number: 748849 (Futsu Yokin)
Hiroo Garden Hills Branch
Bank: Sumitomo Bank

In South Korea:

Account Name: Hope Worldwide, Korea
Account number 371-05-012315
Branch: Kangnam Choongang
Bank: Shinhan Bank

In Australia:

Account name: North Korean Flood Relief
Account number: 06-2903-1011-9582
Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Account address: ANU Branch, ACT 0200, Canberra

Sending Checks by Mail:

Yen and dollar checks may be sent to Bernard Krisher at:
4-1-7-605, Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150 Japan

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