Video Direct from the North Korean Interior

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Videos from our Third Donation Trip
to North Korea, April 8-22, 1996

Video Copyright 1997 (c) Debbie Krisher.

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Closeup of Malnourished Children, North Korea [1192K]
Malnourished Children, North Korea [1126K]
Unloading Toyota Hi-Ace Van in North Korea
Donated by Christian Association for Medical Mission [1837K]
Report on Installation of Donated Boilers, North Korea [722K]
Presenting Powdered Milk to Hospital, North Korea [978K]

Videos from our Second Donation Trip
to North Korea, March 5-12, 1996

Video Copyright 1996 (c) Joseph Krisher.

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Rice Line, North Korea [571K]
"This Rice is from People All Over the World... " [633K]
Krisher Pours Rice in Huichon [259K]
Handing Shoes to North Korean Villagers [457K]